Sponsorship Opportunities at The Yard

If you're one of the many businesses that target the collegiate demographic, you know you need to advertise in a heavily-trafficked campus location to grow your customer base.

Look no further than The Yard at College Avenue, the bustling "front porch" of Rutgers University's New Brunswick campus! The Yard includes student housing, dining and shopping options, indoor and outdoor common spaces, and the busiest RU bus station on College Avenue.

By partnering with IMG, your business will reach the thousands of Rutgers students who live at and visit The Yard every day. Here are just a few reasons you'll want to take advantage of this prime community space:



Receive hundreds of thousands of weekly impressions

As the campus hub of Rutgers-New Brunswick, The Yard presents a gold mine of opportunities for businesses looking to reach the student population, boasting a 25,000 square foot central common area, 450 on-campus residents, 9 retail spaces, and a 12' by 30' digital video board. The Yard/Scott Hall RU bus stop, the busiest stop on College Avenue, is used by over 8,000 students daily. The RU academic buildings adjacent to The Yard bring in an additional 10-15,000 students for classes every day.


Advertise on the only digital billboard on College Avenue

The Yard's state-of-the-art LED video board broadcasts Rutgers sporting and cultural events, movies, news, original programming, and live video every day from early morning to late evening. Advertisers can run full-screen video commercials or minute-long digital signage rotations on the board's side panel. This highly visible board is viewable from the central common area, the Voorhees Mall, and the bus stop. You can reach your audience no matter where they are in The Yard.



Earn new business with face-to-face engagement

There's nothing quite like connecting in-person with potential customers to promote your products and services. Traditional table or booth displays, vehicle displays, interactive games in the common area, and flyer distribution are just some of the many ways you can engage with students at The Yard. Campus-wide events such as move-in weekend, Homecoming, Alumni Weekend, and Spring Fest provide an even bigger opportunity to reach the RU community with special student discounts and coupons.



Sponsor a popular student event for maximum exposure

Whether it's sports game-watch parties, movie nights, concerts, tournaments, or student-led activities, there's always something happening at The Yard. Sponsoring one of these popular events boosts your brand awareness and trust among the Rutgers community – plus, you'll receive daily promotions on the video board.



Stay top-of-mind with The Yard's email and social blasts

When you sponsor an event at The Yard, you'll be mentioned in our social media posts and weekly email newsletters. With thousands of combined Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers and over 1,300 email subscribers, online reach and engagement for your business is possible even after your event ends.

Interested in a sponsorship opportunity at The Yard at College Avenue? Contact Ryan Gates for pricing and package information.